It Has Taken A Community

Shane and I were reminded why we are in Fairbanks the past few weeks. Last weekend, we were in Anchorage, and we thought we’d see what Babies R’ Us had on sale for last minute baby supplies. Next thing I know we are buying shelving for the toy store and trying to figure out logistics on how to get the shelving north to Fairbanks.

This past Thursday, Shane flew down to Anchorage where my parents, a college friend, and a wildland medic co-worker met him to help him disassemble shelving and load it into the U-Haul. When Shane made it back Sunday, two of his teenage 2nd cousins and brother help him unload the U-Haul and move shelves.

While unloading shelving and moving shelving at the store, two of our childhood friends stopped in for toys, and we were able to catch up.  This actually happens quite often – our friends now know where to find us.

Two weeks ago, we did our first TV commercial with the help of Shane’s cousin who works for a tv network. Our two nieces were the stars of the commercial.

I’ve been feeling very appreciative of our family and friends here in Fairbanks. It has made us taking over the toy store more enjoyable and less overwhelming. I love being part of this community, I love watching our business grow, and gaining new family and friends in the process. Fairbanks is a big town with a small town feel.


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