Survived ToyFest West!

Recovering from a cold, the death of a computer, and the three days of ordering madness that is Toyfest West, I’m finally posting an update.

Shane is 90% finished with the stuffed animal aisle and it looks amazing but is already full yet we have Squishables and Aurora stuffed animals on a barge heading north as we speak. The middle gap that is there is going to be shelves for the book and stuffed animals pairs. In the end, we are moving the books across from the stuffed animals but that is happening after we get the new puzzle wall in (if you have been recently, you’ll have noticed the very empty wall next to the bathrooms). Then we are moving and consolidating the role play section followed by the Playmobil move and a parent waiting area by the train tables. Phew, I’m exhausted simply writing about all our grand plans. Stopped by and watch all the fun changes unfold!


Mid-March, I put on my serious face and we hit up ToyFest West. This is where we see all the new stuff that is coming out and write a lot of toy orders for the year.

My serious toy shopping face.

I’ll make sure to post on Facebook as things start to role in. Some of the new stuff we have coming:

E-Blox: Turn your kids lego into a circuit. Shane and his friends were already talking about how cool it would have been to electrify their Death Star as a kid. I have a feeling some of these will be coming home with us and Shane will be digging out his Legos.

Morphonatus Action Figures: Magnetic action figures that you can swap body parts between them. My brother and I used to do this with his GI-Joes since they were held together with rubber bands. FedEx should be bringing them by in the next few days!

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 1.34.34 PM

Hearthsong: We got all kinds of neat stuff from Hearthsong. My nieces favorite is the BBOP balls. Granted, they wanted everything out of that catalog.


Marlay Mularkey: We are getting the Munch Mitt from them along with baby items from several different companies. We are expecting our first in June and wanted more options for parents of infants in town. While we love Fireweed Baby and Once Upon A Child, Fairbanks needs more infant and baby toys! Everyone needs more toys in their life.


I’m getting excited simply thinking of all the fun toys that are heading our way! Stop by and check out all the new things that are starting to role in!


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