A new business and a new baby in one year.

They always tell you that when you have a kid, you have to drop a few things. As we prepared to welcome our first child into this world in June, we had no idea what we’d drop. It turns out: keeping up on The Toy Quest’s digital media and housecleaning. We’re attempting to get back into the digital media part, and at this point, I think housecleaning is a moot point especially as we head into the super duper busy time at the toy store.

Shane has never done a Christmas at a toy store whereas I grew up with it. I know Fairbanks will deliver and exhaust my husband in the next few weeks leading up to Christmas. He is like an athlete that has been preparing all year for this, and this is his moment to shine. He is nervous but excited to see all his hard work pay off plus a bit sleep deprived (our 5 month old is on a sleep strike). He wants you to have an experience. He loves the awe and magic he sees on kids faces as they walk in the store. You know the kids that come in often because they bee-line it to the toy tables. Parents relieving their childhood through classic toys they remember or finding something new for them since you are never too old for toys. He has been carefully curating our selection of toys – more variety than ever. I’m genuinely impressed with how eloquently he has made the switch from firefighter and paramedic to dad and the toy store guy.


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