For 25% down, we will hold your purchase for up to 90 days. This is particularly handy during the holiday season when good hiding places may be in short supply.

Gift Wrapping

On the way to a birthday party? Don’t feel like digging out all your gift wrapping supplies? We will wrap two gifts (purchased merchandised) for FREE! 

Then after your first free ones, small gifts are $0.75, medium sized gift is $1.50, large gift 2.50, Jumbo gift $0.75 per linear foot of paper, and irregular shape $3.00.

Home School Programs

The Toy Quest accepts purchase orders from the following Home School Programs: IDEA, FOCUS, Cyberlynx and Raven.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates in any denomination.  Purchased gift certificates do not expire.

Frequent Buyer Program

Fill the punch card with $150 of purchases then receive a $10 Gift Certificate which works out to a 6-7% savings on each purchase.  Each completed card is entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $100.  Drawings held every 4 months.