Sluban? More like SluBAM!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… Sluban here to save the day by bringing you modern military and historic fun building brick sets! What? “Kajiit,” you think, “what are you talking about? Even that big name building brick company that rhymes with plego doesn’t sell modern military sets, what makes you think this Slubun does?” Well kind stranger, I sell them here and it’s Sluban not Slubun.

Yes, I snuck in a Harry Potter reference. Anyways, back to Sluban. The really awesome thing about their builder sets is they are almost completely compatible with other building brick sets (we’ll get to that almost part here in a minute) and run cheaper than their competitors without sacrificing quality. You wanna build a pirate ship? They got pirate ships. You wanna build a tank? Hunny they gots tanks. Want a cruiser? Well boy-oh-boy do they got a cruiser!

Available in store and online for $79.50, please note it does not float

Now to elaborate on that pesky little “almost” in “almost completely compatible”. See, the figures Sluban offers are completely unique, each face is painted on and has a different look from others, you won’t find two different characters with the same look! These figures aren’t completely compatible with other brick builder companies however: their legs are too narrow for other plates and their head, hands, arms, and torso are a bit more skinny than competitor’s figures.

Sluban doesn’t just do military sets either, they also produce fire fighter, construction, town, aviation, and hospital sets as well. Not just that, there’s also their “Star Dreamworks” line focusing on the life of superstars (we have none of those in store sadly). Please note that if you throw any plane in the aviation set or helicopter in the army set that, when they land, they will not be intact anymore.

Now, maybe you’re wondering why we carry Sluban but not a big name brick builder company that’s much more well known. So, here’s the thing, some companies are so big that they refuse to sell to small retailers like us because we’re less than 0.1% of their income: we don’t buy enough of their products so they decided “no soup for you” haha god I’m old.

Shop in store or online to see what Sluban products we have! There’s too many for me to list and price out but mostly we have military based sets. Pew pew

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