Chop!Chop! The Mice Simulator Game

Remember all of those “X Simulator” video games that were super popular in 2016 and 2017 that constantly gave people motion sickness because they handled really bad and weird? Well if you liked those games, you’ll love Chop!Chop! the strategy game. If you’ve never heard of anything I’ve talked about here then you’ll still love Chop!Chop! because it’s awesome. So, how do you play this interesting, albeit convoluted appearing, game? What’s with the weird looking tiles? Why am I asking you?

Alright I just spent the past couple hours learning to play this game and I can now say I’m a certified play expert with it (got a cute little pin and everything!) and will now explain how to play. There can be up to five players and should be a minimum of two, the most experienced of which should play the cat while the youngest starts first; the goal is the mice players work together to collect 10 cheese tiles and make it back into their holes while the goal of the cat is to catch all the mice. On their turn, the mice roll the grey dice and move around the kitchen depending on what you roll, keeping in mind that the mice are small and can hide under the table but can’t reach the top of it because they got little legs!

When a mouse ends their turn on a tile, they flip that final tile over to see what’s underneath: a broken plate is worthless and is instead removed from the board, a +1 or +2 allows the mice to move extra spaces, an arrow allows the mice to go anywhere on the board other than a revealed cheese or back into a mouse-hole, a fork lets mice grab a revealed cheese whereas a knife hurts the mice and causes them to lose a turn, and finally there’s the big cheese which the mice are trying to collect.

The cat is too big to fit under the table but can jump to get on top of it; the goal of the cat is to catch all four mice. When the cat ends it’s turn on a tile, all of the effects remain the same but one: when it flips a cheese then the cheese just remains open since the cat isn’t interested in cheese. Turns switch between the cat and the mice and if a mouse is caught, that mouse is eliminated so there’s only 3, 2, 1, or none left. Remember, any turn for the mice allows the players to move any mouse they want: players can just move one mouse at a time if they wish. The game ends either when the cat catches all the mice or the mice get 10 cheese and return home.

Ready to live out Tom & Jerry? Now’s your chance! Chop!Chop! is available in store or online for $43 even.

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