Random Holidays!

So part of my job in writing these is I look up random holidays and write about ones that I think are interesting, strange, or that I can shamelessly plug what we sell here (muahaha)

In doing my random research though, I stumble across a lot of holidays that I can’t write about either because I don’t want to get political or polarizing (seriously guys this is a page for a toy store, it’s meant to be cute and fun and light and have PUNSSSSS) or because I can’t make them into a whole post. Instead, I’m going to talk about all the weird and fun ones in this post because that’s what I’m paid to do so buckle up you buttercups this is gonna be wild! Also this is all going to be holidays in just June because there’s so many

Random food days: 1st is national olive day, the 3rd is national egg day and world cider day, 4th is cheese and moonshine day, 5th is national donut day, the 7th is national chocolate ice cream day, 10th is ice tea day (which also counts as “sweet tea day” but don’t blame me I’m just sharing information!), the 11th is corn on the cob, 13th is Rosé, 14th is burbon, 16th is fudge, 17th is “eat your vegetables”, 18th is sushi, 19th is martinis, 21st is smoothies, 22nd is onion rings, 26th is chocolate pudding, and finally the 28th is tapioca day! Woof, it feels like a lot when you write it out like that.

Now for just some random ones with little connecting each other:

The 1st is both global day of parents and Western Australia day, the 3rd is global running and world bicycle day so to celebrate it properly you need to run next to your bicycle, the 4th is national hug your cat day (please understand this means YOUR cat, I cannot recommend hugging random cats even though I’ve definitely done it), 5th is world environment day. The 6th has four things: eyewear, yo-yo, Queensland, and Russian Language day. The 7th is Prince’s birthday, the singer not random royalty. The 8th holds national best friend day AND world ocean day so if your best friend is a crab then you’re in luck!

The 9th is Donald Duck day which commemorates when he first appeared on screen in 1934. The 11th is King Kamehameha Day as Kamehameha the Great is credited with uniting the Hawaiian islands back in 1810. The 12th is both national loving day and Philippines Independence day while the 13th is sewing machine day and the 14th is both flag day and the US Army’s birthday. 14th is World blood donors, 15th is elder abuse awareness, 16th is International day of the African Child, 19th is Juneteenth, international box day, and national Garfield the cat day.

The 20th is American eagle, summer solstice, ugliest dog, and wold refugee day but even having four doesn’t beat the 21st with FIVE (technically six counting the smoothie) being father’s, yoga, aboriginal, selfie and world day of music. The 22nd is take your cat to word day as well as kissing day (after you eat aaaallllll of those onion rings) while the 24th is Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Midsummer but don’t worry, you won’t have to kiss any donkey headed men so long as you don’t cheat on your fairy king husband.

On to the 25th which has Bourdain, the Beatles, the seafarer, and is national work from home day (ha!). the 26th is take your dog to work day, the 27th is bingo and sunglasses which sounds like the name of an old woman bop band. “Bingo and sunglasses at night, I can’t, no I can’t see because sunglasses at night are really, oh yes really impractical.”

Almost done! The 28th is insurance awareness day; the 29th is hugs, camera, and wimbledon; and finally the 30th is for asteroids and social media! Oh wow never let me do this again.

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