Go Fish!

Hey all you swimmy fishies! It’s been a while. It is also really hard to create a fish with just the icons on a keyboard, like seriously, this is the best I can come up with|>{^-} kinda cute actually. Could be in a really low budget Pixar knockoff film as Namo, the fish with one abnormally large fin who gets lost and who’s dad, Melvin, has to go on an adventure with a fish named Dowy. (please disney don’t sue it’s a joke)

Look at that majestic little face! I just wanna boop it.

All of that incoherent rambling has a point by the way: June 18th is national fishing day! I don’t have anything witty that I’m allowed to say here about it but barracuda with me (you’re welcome) as I string you along for a fintastic adventure. Haven’t you missed my puns? I missed subjecting you, random reader, to my puns.

Man, if the Finding Namo joke doesn’t get me in trouble, this will. #noregerts

So, this Thursday, you should head down to the local pond and toss out a line maybe aim for a raft full of college kids I was told I can’t suggest you target people but if they happen to be in the way that’s juuuuust a coinki-dink 🙂

Kids too young to go fishing? That’s a straight up lie. Don’t feel like dealing with the mosquitoes? Yeah that’s legit but don’t worry! We have fishing for at home available in our magnetic fishing puzzles!! “Oh my goldfish,” I hear you say, “there’s magnetic fishing puzzles?” Yes we do and no I’m not done with the fish puns!

Get hooked on fun with these fun fishing games from the comfort of your own home. Move it up to hard mode and try to play them with a fish! Toy Quest does not recommend playing these with a fish. Method act to get the best results: eat worms, swim without legs, flop around on land. Toy Quest cannot express how much you should NOT do any of the things listed. Toy Quest does, however, suggest buying toys. Flippity Flop I need to stop. Have a goby day!

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