May the 4th be with you

Happy Star Wars day everyone! “Why is today Star Wars day?” you may ask. Well it’s officially my job to tell you, not just because I get paid to run this blog, but also as a massive borderline insufferable nerd who has nothing better to do but read and watch movies. Anyways, May the 4th sounds like “may the force” get it? Get it? Anyone? I’m not apologizing for any puns so buckle up for this ride!

What’s the temperature of the inside of a Tauntaun? It’s Lukewarm.

Speaking of Luke, did you know we have a Star Wars Mad Libs?? Yeah that’s right, you can make Yogurt ride on Luke’s back through a Pirate Ship.

Mad Libs not enough for you? We got a bunch of action figures! Finn, Jyn, Cassadin, Vizam, Unkar, and wow do I hope I’m spelling those right. Seriously I think Lucas Company just slam their palms on a keyboard to come up with names at this point not that I would blame them but it still makes pronouncing them hard. What do you get when you mix a bounty hunter with a tropical fruit? A Mango Fett.

What do Gungans put things in? Jar Jars.

Have my puns turned you to the dark side yet? How about a fun Star Wars fact instead to end things! In the original trilogy, the Sith were just called “dark jedi”, in fact the term “Sith” wasn’t used until the extended universe book series!

May the 4th be with you!

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