Hey there, May Day!

Spring is finally here: most of the snow has already or is in the process of melting, the sun actually brings warmth, the mosquitoes have returned from the winter prison to suck our blood bleh beh bleh. In many European countries, the return of spring is usually celebrated on May first on the holiday May Day. Isn’t mayday what pilots yell when they’re crashing in movies? Well, yes but that comes from something else entirely. What is May Day? I’m glad you asked imaginary other half of this conversation.

You may not be familiar with the celebration of May Day but I guarantee most people have seen something like the image above somewhere in popular culture. In everything from horror movies to TV sitcoms, the image of people dancing around a painted pole while holding colorful ribbons. It’s like ancient tether-ball but with a lot more running around and less hitting. The maypole is the most recognized aspect of the celebration, normally accompanied by flower crowns and May Day baskets.

Similar to Easter baskets, May Day baskets are normally comprised of flowers and various treats such as candy or little toys and are either left at the front doorstep or hung from the doorknob. It’s just the cutest little celebration!

This is also the perfect time to reuse those clunky, left over Easter baskets you might have. Just load them up with some sweets, stuffies, and sunflowers and gift them to someone to brighten their May Day! A secret, surprise kindness can brighten anyone’s day. Please note to leave the baskets at the door, don’t hurl them from the road and hope for the best.

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