Making our Mark!

Shane has been loving owning the toy store and is plowing forward at breakneck speeds. He is the serious side of the toy biz where I’m like “oh, shiny!” It makes a good match. As for what we have been doing to make our mark, Shane has moved ahead where I’ve wanted to talk about it for a bit more. Granted, we’ve been talking about it since we first thought about taking over the store a few years ago. Shane won, and if you have been in this week, you may have noticed some “construction.”


There are some sections of the store that are bursting and spilling into other areas. Other parts that have an abundant amount of space. To start the redistribution of space, the party section has been relocated, and the stuffed animals are going to be moving over to their new home in the “party” section. The old pegboard is down, primer up, and Shane is starting to add some color! Imagine a clear blue sky, fluffy clouds, and lots of stuffed animals! Knowing Shane, it is going to look as good as I imagine it to be in my head!

I’ll be sure to post a final product photo once he is done. He is aiming to be done by the time we head to Toy Fest West toy show the first part March. I’ll make sure to blog that excitement too. Yup, for work we get to play with toys. Not a bad gig at all.

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